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What is
CheckPunter is designed to help female escorts and escort agencies by giving them the information they need to avoid booking dates with bad or dangerous clients. Subscribing to CheckPunter builds an escorts sense of personal power to control her business by avoiding time wasters, scammers, fakers and abusers.
How to get access to this screening service?
In order to get access to service first you have to Register. After registration you need obligatory to contact us via e-mail which you will find in first registration mail and you will need verify your identity. Further, we will report you about the result of checking and you will receive details for the payment of subscription on the site.
Not received any confirmation mail after registration on the site.
It is important provide your valid е-mail address. Please do not use of non popular e-mail services at registration. After registration please also check Spam folder in your mailbox.
Is it a mandatory to go through the identity verification procedure?
Yes mandatory. This procedure applies to all newly registered users and required in order that we can make sure that you have related to the escort or working in sphere of escort services. You really need this service to check​ and screening bad escort ​clients and you not registered just for fun.
Do you need scan of my documents during the identity verification procedure?
No. We do not need any scans of your personal documents. Please contact us in order to clarify what is required for verification of identity.
I am concerned about of my privacy during of identity verification procedure.
We do not store your personal data and information about you. This procedure applies to all newly registered users and required once only.
I cannot verify my identity what should i do?
If you cannot verify your identity, unfortunately we cannot activate your membership and cannot give you access to blacklist.
By which countries I can find database (whitelists and blacklists)?
At the page List of the Countries you can get information about the countries, where we have blacklists and whitelists. Database is unique with no analogues.
Is access to blacklist and database is payable?
Yes, access to the blacklist and database is payable. Membership for 30 days is just 25 Euro.
How can I buy a membership?
You may pay via PayPal or Bank transfer. In some cases via MoneyGram. After receiving payment from you, your membership will be activated on 30 days and you will be able to log into your personal account, entering your username and password which you were indicated during the registration on the site.
How I can renew my membership on the site after it's completion?
After your membership completion on the site, you still can log into your private account. In your private account, you will find a button "Renew Membership". Press this button and wait reply from us. We contact you asap.
Could my friend or somebody of my friends use my personal account besides me?
No! Passing the username and password from your personal account to third parties is prohibited. If the site administration will find a violation, it may lead to immediate termination of service. Your subscription on the site will be removed without a refund of money and any possibility to use the service again in the future.
Can I find out if my husband or boyfriend blacklisted?
No! We do not provide information on such matters.
I cannot log into my account.
Contact us via feedback form and describe your problem in details.