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Are you an Independent escort? Are you gonna to an escort City tour in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia or Eastern countries? You get a call or text message from a client and you do not know how to check him if he is good guy or time waster? You found the right resource! By popular demands of girls who working in the field of intim and escort industry was created a unified blacklist database of bad escort clients in different countries.

This resource is intended for exchange of information between escorts and providers about unreliable clients and can seriously serve to escort girls and sex workers. The site is a kind of tabloid of news messages posted by registered users themselves. Users of the CheckPunter.com are expose to strict face control. The average person who is not immersed in this subject and has not reached the age of majority has no access to use of this resource.

The site is collected a huge database which has no analogues including more than 30,000 telephone numbers. This service will help you to share of information about bad clients, men who have disposition to violence, have a habit of not to pay for escort services, are socially dangerous or intrusive. Using this screening tool, gives you an opportunity to protect yourselves and others from troubles and misunderstandings. Hurry to Sign Up and you will quickly appreciate the benefits of this resource.

Blacklist database for escorts and sex workers safety

Stay safe using this tool to search negative encounters. It is not necessarily to have a computer to access to blacklist. It's enough to have a smartphone or tablet. This convenience will appreciate those who are go abroad often or out to any side. Girls are able to protect themselves - Before to meet with a client you can look through the blacklist and make sure of reliability and decency of the potential customer.

At List of the Countries page you can find information about the countries where we have blacklists and whitelists. This resource was created for independent escort girls, sex workers and providers. Time is Money and your safety comes first. Access to the blacklist is payable. All information presented on this site is confidential and should not be disclosed. Unregistered and unverified users do not have to access to this resource.

Your own whitelist and database of your checked and regular clients

Are you go abroad often? The phone memory is full of telephone numbers? You are really tired to write a telephone numbers of your checked and regular clients on pieces of paper which always lost? You cannot keep track when girls are blacklisting a good clients on various escort advertising sites? Is this situation familiar to you? Join us now! With this resource - Simple, Convenient and Safe!

Create an account on the site and you will be accessible to all the delights of database. Presently database contains more than 5,000 telephone numbers of good and checked clients in various countries. Also you can successfully maintain of your own database with many thousands of telephone numbers of your regular and positive clients which will be visible only to you and no one else.

Your personal notebook

In your private area in section "My personal notebook" you can write whatever you do not want to keep in your computer. You can mark the date of the meeting, your city tours plan and dates, notes and reminders, any valuable information for you. This option is ideal for those who must have access to their accounts anywhere in the world. All entries will be visible only to you. Term storage of information is not restricted.